Etheric Connections is sourcing high grade points and natural pieces from all over the world. We have some of the finest pieces available in the North East / Mid Atlantic Region.

Leslie Dull-Runkle is an animal communicator and an energy healer. Leslie has worked with animals in her personal and professional life. She has heard animals speak to her since she was a child. She thought everyone could hear them. Leslie is a Reiki Master specializing in reiki for pets. Distance reiki for pets is an animal healing where Leslie connects with your pet and sends Reiki healing energy to the pet.

Leslie Dull-Runkle

Animal Communicator, Healer and Crystal Shepard

Lloyd Runkle

Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Guide and Crystal Shepard

Crystal Shop and Healing Center 

Etheric Connections stock over 150 types of tumble stones. We are continually looking for new and uncommon stones to add to our selection. Stop in today to see what we have.

Tumble Stones


Points and Natural Pieces

Lloyd is an energy healer, Reiki Master / Teacher and a student / teacher of the Ascended Masters. He is an Angelic Light Weaving Master / Teacher. Lloyd is an Axiatonal Alignment Master / Teacher. 

Lloyd works with Ascended Master Sethius, Ascended Master Sethius is Gods Light Weaving Master. Sethius ascended on November 4, 2014. Ascended Master Sethius comes in when Lloyd is working with clients to assist from the higher dimensions. 


If you are looking for small specimens or large specimens, we have pieces from a few grams to over 100 pounds. Stop in today to feel the energy of these pieces born in the heart of Mother Earth.