Axiatonal Alignment - Session - $100.00
Axiatonal Alignment - Practioner - $125.00
Angelic Lightweaving Attunement - $125.00

Paths of the Masters 8-week class - $150.00 paid in full - $25.00 per week paid weekly.

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prices subject to change without notice
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Lloyd is a Crystal Shepherd and Healer, he listens to the crystals and the messages received from the persons energy body that he is working with. They physical body has many energetic grid lines and meridians that can be accessed through the subtle energy body. When the crystals are placed on these grid lines and meridians the healing energy of the crystal is connected and moved throughout the energy body to where it is needed.

Lloyd uses a clear quarts wand to activate the spin points and reconnect the physical body to the etheric, universal and earth grids. This activation of light reunites the physical body with a long forgotten energy that is waiting to meet us where we are right now.

During a crystal healing session, you will become a part of a living crystal grid. The crystals are coming to the surface of mother earth to help us heal and transform the many lifetimes of Karma that we have collected as reincarnated beings. 

Lloyd is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.
Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that encourages balance of body, mind and spirit. Reiki’s initial stages can be learned by anyone.
Through the Reiki attunements comes a “re-awakening”, a reopening of the stronger healing potential that lies within us all.
Reiki can relieve pain and acute problems quite rapidly. Reiki is a simple, yet powerful healing technique. Reiki uses non-invasive
techniques, which encourages the relaxation response.