Etheric Connections Crystal Shop and Healing Center is dedicated to bringing forth the work of our Souls.

How is this done?

By offering classes and workshops for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an old soul that remembers why you are here, we have something for you. Leslie and Lloyd will be facilitating many of the classes and workshops, we will also be bringing in many other teachers to bring their gifts to Etheric Connections classroom. 

Leslie Dull-Runkle - Pendulum Workshops - Crystal Grids - Crystals - Crystal Healing

Lloyd Runkle - Axiatonal Alignment - Angelic Light Weaving - Energy Healing - Reiki - Ascended Masters - Crystal Grids - Crystal Healing - Crystals - Ascension and Ascension Symptoms

Katye Anna - Intuitive Classes - Energy Healing - Meditation - Angels