Celestial Calcite

AKA Linwood Mine Calcite, Calcite with Marcasite, Plate Cluster, Clear Calcite Cluster

Celestial Calcite is being birthed from Mother Earth at the Linwood Mine in Iowa. Many of these clusters have Marcasite inclusions and Marcasite on the surface.

There are numerous forms of Calcite structures being formed on these pieces. 6-Face, 12- Face, Dogs Tooth, each Calcite shape carries its own vibration, this is Sacred Geometry in its finest form.

Meditating with these crystals will connect you to the Angelic and Celestial Realms, it has a soft vibration like Celestite.

Working with Celestial Calcite will help to clear and balance all the chakras. Meditating with a piece will help to activate the DNA and open your Earth Star, allowing the Seeds of Light Contained within to move into the Etheric field and reawaken your Divine Plan. It will reactivate your Divine Matrix of Light.

Celestial Calcite is coming to the surface of Mother Earth to help the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realms with the Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity.

The Marcasite inclusions and exterior deposits work on multiple levels to reawaken us to the world of Spirit. Marcasite will manifest the visons that you place with intent into the stone.

Celestial Calcite is a prosperity stone and will help you transmute your dreams into a physical manifestation.

Use it to bring positive change and to help you move into alignment with your Divine Plan. Celestial Calcite will help with prosperity on all levels.

Build a crystal grid with Celestial Calcite, Blue Smoke Quartz, Danburite and Apophyllite to awaken and bring into the physical realms all your dreams.