Blue Smoke Quartz – Columbia

AKA- Smoky Blue, Blue Mist, Columbian Smokey Blue Quartz, Lemurian Mist Quartz, Blue Smoke Crystal, Cookeite in Quartz

Blue Smoke Quartz is a relatively new find from the Santander Province of Columbia, South America. The Blue Smoke is included in the Quartz matrix, this Blue Smoke comes from the Lithium Mineral Cookeite. This Lithium inclusion makes these a true Lithium Quartz as well.

Quartz is the Master Healer, Quartz can heal on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Quartz is found in many areas of Mother Earth, vibrationally and energetically we are building a Master Grid in and around Mother Earth. This is a collaborative effort between Mother Earth, the Crystal and Mineral Kingdom, the Inhabitants of Earth, the Star Beings and the World of Spirit.

Lithium Quartz is the chill stone, when you’re felling anxious, nervous, fear, out of alignment, grab a piece of Blue Smoke Quartz to realigning and re-center, connecting to the vibration of Mother Earth.

Due to the Lithium inclusions in Quartz, these stones are a very high vibration, an Ascension Stone for the age of Aquarius.

Many of the Blue Smoke Quartz points are coming out of Mother Earth with Lemurian Light Code bars. Spend time connecting to the Lemurian Light Codes to help active your own Light Codes contained within your Earth Star. These Lemurian Light Codes will release seeds of light from your Earth Star that will flow through your Etheric Body, reawakening and reconnecting you to your Divine Plan.

Blue Smoke Quartz connects its holder to the Universe and Earth grids, connecting us on a vibrational level that has been forget by those embodied on Mother Earth at this time. This connection is allowing an open-ended communication between the world of Spirit, Incarnated Beings and Mother Earth.

Blue Smoke Quartz likes to work with many other crystals. We use Blue Smoke Quartz in our crystal grids to help reconnect us to our higher selves, the world of spirit and to the star beings.

A few of the crystals that Blue Smoke Quartz likes to work with are

Royal Phantom Amethyst
Celestial Calcite